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Drybar at 102 West Paces Ferry Road Northwest in Atlanta, Georgia

Drybar in 102 West Paces Ferry Road Northwest, Georgia: reviews, opening times, drive directions, photos, contacts etc.

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Beauty salon

Phone: +1 404-382-5310


102 West Paces Ferry Road Northwest,
Atlanta, Georgia
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Reviews about Drybar

  • Y Sandridge
    February 04, 2018
    1 /5
    I arrived at 10:05 for my 10:15 appointment. After waiting until 10:35, I finally met my "stylist" Alice. She was not very welcoming. I told her the concerns I had for my hair (it is thick, naturally curly and coiled 3b/3c hair). I explained that I do not get my hair straightened often but needed to get it done for a funeral. After poorly washing my hair I went back to her chair and she began brushing my hair from scrap to end and literally snatching it from my scalp. She proceeded to blow dry and brush my hair any type of way. I remained calm (I'm already under the stress of losing someone close to me, as I told her...and I did not want to take anything out on her). As she begins flat ironing my hair she BURNS me the first time she put the iron to my scalp. She apologizes and continues. At this point I text me friend "the stylist does not know how to do my hair". Alice takes it upon herself to read the message on my phone and rudely cause a scene. Instead of either 1) minding her business and not reading my personal messages that were clearly not to her OR 2) taking it as a learning opportunity of a different hair texture and taking tips on how to better serve a diverse group of customers in the future. She stormed around the salon telling her coworkers how she refused to continue to do my hair since I said she didn't know how. I left the salon without even having my hair done because of how hostile she made the environment. I am disappointed in the entire visit and have reached out to the corporate office about my concerns . On another note: the woman that greeted me when I arrived was nice and prompt. The other stylists were doing well with their clients from what is aw and Drybar was very clean and cute on the inside.
  • Sarah Bailey
    December 13, 2017
    1 /5
    My stylist was the worst. At every turn she took the lazy way out in order to shave time off the blowout. Even at the shampoo bowl, she didn't fully wet my entire head of hair, she just shampooed and rinsed the very top of my scalp without getting the hair in the back wet - obviously to save on dry time.Then at the chair, she was VERY rough with me, pulling my head sharply with the round brushes. I had asked for curls upfront, but then after simply round brushing out my hair, she asked if that was "curled enough". When I asked her to curl it, she then curled my entire head of hair in about six sections, resulting in huge curls that were very tight at the bottom. At the end of the day, the curls had totally fallen out except for the very bottom of the curl where they had been on the iron the longest due to the huge sections. I had to straighten the ends of my hair and re-curl my entire head ON MY BIRTHDAY. Worst blow out experience ever, and I've had countless blow outs. Can't believe I spent money on this.
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Drybar is located at 102 West Paces Ferry Road Northwest, Atlanta, Georgia.